The L/S story.

This is a project founded in response to “I love this photograph. Where can I get it?” At Look&Seen, we provide access to printed works by artists that we believe in.

We are supporters of the philosophy that a work of art can and should have a life of its own, if you give it the opportunity. And no matter where you live or where you’re from, you should have that opportunity.

This is Dave, by the way. The founder of Look&Seen. (I would talk in third person, but that makes me feel awkward.)

Dave Sweeney

Fortunate to grow up surrounded by art, I came to believe that to fully experience an image, it’s best to live with it.

The walls in my parent’s home were covered with images that were once just shapes and colors, or pictures of strangers. With time, these abstract ideas morphed to form meaning; and the pictures of strangers became dear friends.

At Look&Seen, we provide access to museum quality photographic prints by some of the most well respected photographers. L/S is our solution to the gallery world, bringing more meaning and beauty to your home and collections.

Dave SweeneyFounder