Andy Mann

Oceanic Whitetip

Framing questions? Framing answers.

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A beautiful and pregnant, oceanic whitetip shark cruises from a deep bank into the shallows to say hello. I’ve spend most of my career as an underwater photographer documenting this endangered western Atlantic population, and every time I see one in the water I’m left in awe of its grace, power, and beauty. Once considered the most abundant large predator on the planet, oceanic whitetip populations have declined as much as 95 percent in some studies, due to its susceptibility to longline fishing and value in the shark fin soup industry. I’m grateful for the Bahamas’ nationwide protection of all shark species, so moments like this can be experienced by others.

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Emmy-nominated Director and National Geographic photographer, Andy Mann, has been a forerunner in the world of adventure film and conservation photography for over a decade.

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