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Framing questions? Framing answers.

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The Cassowary is one of the most terrifying animals I’ve ever been around. The whole time that I was shooting this bad boy was charging me. I’d be able to get a frame or two and then BAM, he’d strike his talons against the fence or swing his head towards me. I was able to get a good selection in the end, this being my favorite. I shot this bird on a story about Alfred Russell Wallace, the co-author with Darwin of ‘The Theory of Evolution via Natural Selection’, for National Geographic in 2004 and it’s stayed one of my favorites since.

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Robert Clark is the author of four monographs: Evolution A Visual Record, Feathers Displays of Brilliant Plumage, First Down Houston A Year with the Houston Texans and Image America. His work regularly appears in National Geographic Magazine and others. During his twenty-year association with National Geographic, Clark has photographed more than 40 stories all over the world.

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